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Wetland Morning136Wetland MorningShared Space153Shared SpaceGaucho Life150Gaucho LifeNuuk Greenland152Nuuk GreenlandSchlosshotel Velden140Schlosshotel VeldenTail Gating108Tail GatingWindmill56WindmillHome Again 1150Home Again 1The End is Near at Santa Monica Pier120The End is Near at Santa Monica PierRoadside Wildflowers in the Mountains45Roadside Wildflowers in the Mountains66 Through San Bernardino Natnl Forest12066 Through San Bernardino Natnl ForestLeaving Barstow91Leaving BarstowSunday Sunrise 3140Sunday Sunrise 3Looking West to Barstow144Looking West to BarstowThe Amboy Shoe Tree20The Amboy Shoe TreeAlmost to the Crator40Almost to the CratorFar Shot Amboy Crator50Far Shot Amboy CratorGrazing In The Alps45Grazing In The AlpsTuscany Picnic21Tuscany PicnicCrossing The Colorado River Then & Now126Crossing The Colorado River Then & Now