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Heard of the Blue Lagoon? This Isn't It160Heard of the Blue Lagoon? This Isn't ItWatching Over The English Channel162Watching Over The English ChannelSheep on the Peak160Sheep on the PeakDalmatian Coast153Dalmatian CoastIsland Hut160Island HutRural Montenegro153Rural MontenegroNature Reclaims Icelandic Lava Field160Nature Reclaims Icelandic Lava FieldFree Ranging Thanksgiving Dinners130Free Ranging Thanksgiving DinnersNovember 2018, Resting130November 2018, RestingNov 2018 Peace & Quiet160Nov 2018 Peace & QuietFloating Homes in Peru162Floating Homes in PeruBridge At Lake Champlain160Bridge At Lake ChamplainHiking Wonder70Hiking WonderHermanus Light House160Hermanus Light HouseBernalillo Mountains in Sandovol160Bernalillo Mountains in SandovolDanube at Ingolstadt in Bavaria126Danube at Ingolstadt in BavariaTea Plantation108Tea PlantationStop, Don't Jump, Action108Stop, Don't Jump, ActionOh The Majesty His Hand has Wraught130Oh The Majesty His Hand has WraughtFriends In The Mist120Friends In The Mist