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A Square and Font in Poblacion de Campos180A Square and Font in Poblacion de CamposSeafood and Mushroom Snack150Seafood and Mushroom SnackCanal Locks at Fromista108Canal Locks at FromistaCanal Path Near Fromista180Canal Path Near FromistaCastrojeriz Sore Feet Hospital150Castrojeriz Sore Feet HospitalUnderground Homes Seen in Castrojeriz120Underground Homes Seen in CastrojerizAlmost to Castrojeriz160Almost to CastrojerizFuente Roman in Sasamon150Fuente Roman in SasamonGoodbye Burgos200Goodbye BurgosSiesta Time Burgos Square is Empty150Siesta Time Burgos Square is EmptyLunchtime Burgos in Burgos112Lunchtime Burgos in BurgosMay Fiesta Bread For The Pilgrims Procession180May Fiesta Bread For The Pilgrims ProcessionSanto Domingo de la Calzada Church Ally144Santo Domingo de la Calzada Church AllyMillian de la Cogolla Monastery Square108Millian de la Cogolla Monastery SquareRest Area110Rest AreaMonastery at Najera Seplachure110Monastery at Najera SeplachureAlmost to Najera192Almost to NajeraLogrono Camino Albergue Interior117Logrono Camino Albergue InteriorLogrono Street Art130Logrono Street ArtEast of Logrono136East of Logrono