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24 results for food pilgrimage
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Lunch at the Albergue Arzua162Lunch at the Albergue ArzuaHospitality on The Way88Hospitality on The WayAnother Fun Sarria Sign40Another Fun Sarria SignGalacia Region Squid49Galacia Region SquidFarmers Gift of Fruit and Bench90Farmers Gift of Fruit and BenchMesclun Salad for Lunch88Mesclun Salad for LunchAstorga Chocolate Museum108Astorga Chocolate MuseumAstorga Cucuruchos de Crema192Astorga Cucuruchos de CremaI'm a Hungry Pilgrim, Trout Stuffed With Ham110I'm a Hungry Pilgrim, Trout Stuffed With HamLeon Day 4 Getting Bread and Wine for the Road70Leon Day 4 Getting Bread and Wine for the RoadLeon Day 4 Jamon Hams Yum88Leon Day 4 Jamon Hams YumLeon Day 4 Morning Market180Leon Day 4 Morning MarketLeon Day 3 Siesta After This120Leon Day 3 Siesta After ThisLeon Day 1 Found It The Tapas Feast112Leon Day 1 Found It The Tapas FeastMorning Market Tomatos for the Road150Morning Market Tomatos for the RoadBacon Eggs Fries and Sangria120Bacon Eggs Fries and SangriaFound a Grocery170Found a GroceryYum Street Snack Called Pincho70Yum Street Snack Called PinchoSomething To Eat After The Soak130Something To Eat After The SoakRoad Snack60Road Snack