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Mile 1990 Long Awaited Trail Magic88Mile 1990 Long Awaited Trail MagicMile 1910 The Deer Missed These36Mile 1910 The Deer Missed TheseHappy Trail Magic15Happy Trail MagicIn The Deli soon The Belly91In The Deli soon The BellyMile 1722 Hikers Welcome at Full Belly Deli35Mile 1722 Hikers Welcome at Full Belly DeliPico Campfire Trout91Pico Campfire TroutPassed an Orchard Ready To Pick60Passed an Orchard Ready To PickHiker Heaven In Arlington Vermont49Hiker Heaven In Arlington VermontCampsite Dinner35Campsite DinnerYum Food Is Ready24Yum Food Is ReadyMile 1480 Nice Trail Magic15Mile 1480 Nice Trail MagicWildflower Onion35Wildflower OnionWild Elderberry24Wild ElderberryWild Crabapple40Wild CrabappleCamper Grub Time35Camper Grub TimeWild Huckleberry35Wild HuckleberryI'm Dreaming of - -77I'm Dreaming of - -Wild Blueberry45Wild BlueberryMile 1249 Wild Blueberry40Mile 1249 Wild BlueberryMore Wild Blackberry54More Wild Blackberry