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Mint Tea90Mint TeaSweets and Tea from China88Sweets and Tea from ChinaOpen Air Tea77Open Air TeaHoney Bear Lip Smacker56Honey Bear Lip SmackerIce Cold Sodas70Ice Cold SodasGetting Juiced130Getting JuicedGalaxy Milkshake90Galaxy MilkshakeNot The Neighbor Kid Lemonaide Stand72Not The Neighbor Kid Lemonaide StandWine Tasting Whistle Stop50Wine Tasting Whistle StopGetting Juiced For The Day136Getting Juiced For The DayGarden Tea35Garden TeaRefreshing120RefreshingStrawberry Buttermilk Shake130Strawberry Buttermilk ShakeMile 2001 Chillin Trail Magic45Mile 2001 Chillin Trail MagicHappy Trail Magic15Happy Trail MagicMile 1480 Nice Trail Magic15Mile 1480 Nice Trail MagicIced Lime108Iced LimeIcecream Soda Perfect For Summer90Icecream Soda Perfect For SummerThirsty Anyone?112Thirsty Anyone?Mile 0101 Trail Magic12Mile 0101 Trail Magic