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Grapes on the Vine at Thomas Winery70Grapes on the Vine at Thomas WineryA Mother of a Mother Road Milk Shake at Peggy Sue's70A Mother of a Mother Road Milk Shake at Peggy Sue'sMommy's Sippee Cup63Mommy's Sippee CupIn Need of Straw or Spoon108In Need of Straw or SpoonRefreshing56RefreshingHow To Drown A Peep90How To Drown A PeepFind It - 8556Find It - 85Beer Bubbles78Beer BubblesThe Cider Is Ready128The Cider Is ReadyLet's Make Cider!91Let's Make Cider!Beet and Blueberry Smoothie96Beet and Blueberry SmoothieFroth72FrothRose Water Cocktail80Rose Water CocktailSangria56SangriaOktoberfest 0470Oktoberfest 04Oktoberfest 0270Oktoberfest 02Im in a Blue Mood91Im in a Blue MoodWine and Cheese Still life80Wine and Cheese Still lifeElephant Tea Time56Elephant Tea TimeReady For The Wine80Ready For The Wine