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Birdcage Sign Santiago91Birdcage Sign SantiagoAntique Car Barrio Tour Santiago209Antique Car Barrio Tour SantiagoSantiago Fonseca College Courtyard60Santiago Fonseca College CourtyardSantiago Fonseca College Sculpture40Santiago Fonseca College SculptureMercado deAbastos de Santiago108Mercado deAbastos de SantiagoThe Way of Saint James Camino de Santiago48The Way of Saint James Camino de SantiagoPilgrim Weather Vane25Pilgrim Weather VaneBust My Blisters Thats Santiago Ahead90Bust My Blisters Thats Santiago AheadSantiago Cathedral Spires in the Distance192Santiago Cathedral Spires in the DistanceSantiago Pilgrim Monument Monte do Gozo80Santiago Pilgrim Monument Monte do GozoLunch at the Albergue Arzua162Lunch at the Albergue ArzuaStatue in Arzua91Statue in ArzuaLizzard Style Door Pull42Lizzard Style Door PullApproaching Arzua88Approaching ArzuaSome Type of Trough60Some Type of TroughMelide to Arzua 1170Melide to Arzua 1Lion Fountain in Melide49Lion Fountain in MelideAlbergue Operated by Santa Maria Church160Albergue Operated by Santa Maria ChurchSanta Maria Church150Santa Maria ChurchMelide Ponte de Furelos88Melide Ponte de Furelos