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30 results for art recycle
Words to specify: +reuse +sculpture +design

Capped-tivated90Capped-tivatedPinned Plane56Pinned PlanePOTW Kitchen Tools In Disguise56POTW Kitchen Tools In DisguisePin Pals96Pin PalsWhale of Waste Bruges48Whale of Waste BrugesWatching, Waiting99Watching, WaitingBlooming Aluminium & Plastic60Blooming Aluminium & PlasticBottled Up Butterfly99Bottled Up ButterflyMedallion100MedallionRecycled in Vega42Recycled in VegaDIY Recycled into Garden Decor72DIY Recycled into Garden DecorJoliet 66 Museum Interior96Joliet 66 Museum InteriorFrom Engine To Garden42From Engine To GardenOwl Art60Owl ArtRecycled Seahorse90Recycled SeahorseClockwork Heart63Clockwork HeartTramp Art Diorama80Tramp Art DioramaThese Pumpkins Are A Shoe In78These Pumpkins Are A Shoe InThrone of the Junk Master72Throne of the Junk MasterJunk Yard Dog70Junk Yard Dog