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Rainbow View From Overmountain Wayside150Rainbow View From Overmountain WaysideNest Close to Stan Murray Shelter54Nest Close to Stan Murray ShelterMile 0308 North Carolina Leaf Beetle63Mile 0308 North Carolina Leaf BeetlePretty Spider Web40Pretty Spider WebWildflower Dames Rocket49Wildflower Dames RocketMile 0297 Smoky Mt Farm152Mile 0297 Smoky Mt FarmA Variety of Thistle54A Variety of ThistleBluff Mountain Trail54Bluff Mountain TrailRoaring Fork Waterfall54Roaring Fork WaterfallWildflower Phacilia15Wildflower PhaciliaMile 0252 Max Patch Friends80Mile 0252 Max Patch FriendsAn Infant Puffball Mushroom-Hygrometer Earthstar40An Infant Puffball Mushroom-Hygrometer EarthstarMile 0225 Wildflower Yellow Violets63Mile 0225 Wildflower Yellow VioletsWildflower Beardtongue Foxglove54Wildflower Beardtongue FoxgloveMile 0224 Snakes Den Ridge Trail70Mile 0224 Snakes Den Ridge TrailCreek Bridge54Creek BridgeLook Up!  A Raccoon54Look Up! A RaccoonLogs Across The Trail54Logs Across The TrailNorth Carolina Trek Through Porter Gap54North Carolina Trek Through Porter GapIcewater Spring Shelter View88Icewater Spring Shelter View