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parrots6qwertzparrotsParrots' Party in Australia - © 2017 Laurad99TigerladyParrots' Party in Australia - © 2017 LauradWagtail15mika7Wagtailcherry blossom chickadees12qwertzcherry blossom chickadeesDucks12mika7DucksGorgeous Male Wood Duck24saturnslipperGorgeous Male Wood DuckBarn Swallow25RaggetyBarn SwallowTaiwan barbet12mika7Taiwan barbetbird15hlinikbirdSpotted hawk12mika7Spotted hawkEagle Owl No. 2 - © 2012 Mr. Laurad99TigerladyEagle Owl No. 2 - © 2012 Mr. LauradTomtit12mika7Tomtitlittle bird and flowers6qwertzlittle bird and flowersRoodkuifkardinaal35adelsonRoodkuifkardinaalSparrow in the Pines255forfunSparrow in the PinesSparrow in branches255Sparrow in branchesSteller's Jay - Visitor -© 2017 Auroradawn99TigerladySteller's Jay - Visitor -© 2017 AuroradawnI'm looking ...12hlinikI'm looking ...Kestrel, UK36purrydazeKestrel, UKRainbow Lorikeet15saturnslipperRainbow LorikeetTit12mika7TitMn loon112diana473Mn loonRed Amazon parrot108diana473Red Amazon parrotTerritorial Conflict150EldamarTerritorial Conflict