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99030870claudius17990308Bathtime for Max18bodhi4meBathtime for MaxWestie dans un carton48Westie dans un cartonKelev300TristesseKelevMecki VI32AmeluMecki VIWesties60ldeichmillWestiesOliver300memepessOliverWestie, sniffed bargain or lost marbles.49ourspudsWestie, sniffed bargain or lost marbles.Westie face300OceannaWestie faceWestie35sb1981WestieCrumpet the Westie108claudiacm1146Crumpet the WestieWest Highland Terrier108claudiacm1146West Highland TerrierMecki V77AmeluMecki VMecki + Luna V99AmeluMecki + Luna VMecki + Luna VI160AmeluMecki + Luna VIMecki IV63AmeluMecki IVMecki + Luna II140AmeluMecki + Luna IIMecki + Luna I112AmeluMecki + Luna IMecki in Porsche II140AmeluMecki in Porsche IIIMG_5619120IMG_5619Westie at the cottage88claudiacm1146Westie at the cottageBodie 3300memepessBodie 3Westie Family24sb1981Westie FamilyBodie formal300memepessBodie formal