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Striking gold in Vagas260LeonapStriking gold in VagasSaloon 1800 wild west228LeonapSaloon 1800 wild westThe prize russ docken native american indian old west teepee vil221dixiedragonThe prize russ docken native american indian old west teepee vilThe Old Store35BlindTigerThe Old Storewagon288AlpacafarmettewagonWestern Saloon300tina46Western SaloonAt the Saloon300tina46At the SaloonBlue Western Wedding Dress35BlindTigerBlue Western Wedding DressWestern town300LadyXLWestern townOld western town300LadyXLOld western townKansas , old western town300LadyXLKansas , old western townSunset in Red River Valley108LadyXLSunset in Red River ValleyBig sky country196LadyXLBig sky countryOld West Saloon Porch70NiftyFiftiesOld West Saloon PorchOld Mill West Virginia70Vivien2012Old Mill West VirginiaCowboy Bank Robbers150DonteeCowboy Bank RobbersReady to go198LadyXLReady to goAayt5553 (18)300VideowrayAayt5553 (18)800px-Ghost- Town - NARA - 543342300Alpacafarmette800px-Ghost- Town - NARA - 543342Janet Kruskamp 'Wyatt Earp Post Office'150Rita49Janet Kruskamp 'Wyatt Earp Post Office'Maisons35dhcpMaisonsSanta Fe Depo Gunslingers35AmyJoySanta Fe Depo GunslingersAcross From The Depot Williams AZ54AmyJoyAcross From The Depot Williams AZBabcock State Park W.Va.28buckeye45601Babcock State Park W.Va.