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Elizabeth Taylor140RandlerElizabeth TaylorCountry Teapot Wedding Cake36purrydazeCountry Teapot Wedding CakeCal-a-Vie Health Spa Wedding35TigerjagCal-a-Vie Health Spa WeddingOversized Rose Wedding Dress35TigerjagOversized Rose Wedding DressRed Ball Gown36TigerjagRed Ball GownSo Cute Ring Bearers35TigerjagSo Cute Ring BearersBurning Man Wedding36TigerjagBurning Man WeddingNewlyweds, LDS Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah (used by their permi60moxieNewlyweds, LDS Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah (used by their permiWaiting for Mr. Big35TigerjagWaiting for Mr. BigBridesmaids252janislgBridesmaidsshould I marry him OR not?35ninussashould I marry him OR not?Mr. and Mrs. Seahorse @ Yeners Way20Susie01Mr. and Mrs. Seahorse @ Yeners WayMr. and Mrs. Peacock @ OneWed20Susie01Mr. and Mrs. Peacock @ OneWedItalian Wedding35BlindTigerItalian WeddingAdorable teapot cake35purrydazeAdorable teapot cakeVictorian wedding cake35purrydazeVictorian wedding cakeWedding Dress60SayutskaWedding DressCountryChurch-rev1180west29CountryChurch-rev1Honeysuckle Bride35BlindTigerHoneysuckle BrideBeautiful woman in a beautiful dress54SayutskaBeautiful woman in a beautiful dressWedding cupcakes @ Kathryn's Cupcakes143Susie01Wedding cupcakes @ Kathryn's CupcakesRotate the bouquets @ Moneycrashers8Susie01Rotate the bouquets @ Moneycrashers471906412140471906412Image (3)99RossaImage (3)