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Waterhouse, J.W. Flora and the Zephyrs (detail)90docrabbitsWaterhouse, J.W. Flora and the Zephyrs (detail)Waterhouse, J.W. The Magic Circle100docrabbitsWaterhouse, J.W. The Magic CircleWaterhouse Tristan and Isolde 191677docrabbitsWaterhouse Tristan and Isolde 1916John William Waterhouse, The Lady of Shalott, 1888300ByzantineJohn William Waterhouse, The Lady of Shalott, 1888Waterhouse, J.W. - The Lady of Shalott108docrabbitsWaterhouse, J.W. - The Lady of ShalottWATERHOUSE listening to his sweet pipings98SuzellenWATERHOUSE listening to his sweet pipingsthe lady of shalott204scriptoresfdthe lady of shalottWATERHOUSE gather ye rosebuds while ye may90SuzellenWATERHOUSE gather ye rosebuds while ye mayCirce (The Sorceress) John William Waterhouse180spoonschickCirce (The Sorceress) John William WaterhouseBoreas112spoonschickBoreasWaterhouse, J.W. The Siren70docrabbitsWaterhouse, J.W. The SirenWaterhouse, J.W. Windflowers80docrabbitsWaterhouse, J.W. WindflowersDolce far Niente-1880190yankeeDolce far Niente-1880La Bellle Dame sancs Merci-1893108yankeeLa Bellle Dame sancs Merci-1893Lamia-1905231yankeeLamia-1905Ulysses & the Sirens180yankeeUlysses & the SirensWaterhouse, J.W. Thisbe 190977docrabbitsWaterhouse, J.W. Thisbe 1909Waterhouse, J.W. Tristan and Isolde90docrabbitsWaterhouse, J.W. Tristan and IsoldeJohn William Waterhouse - Ariadne32IllusionJohn William Waterhouse - AriadneWaterhouse decameron300Waterhouse decameronJohn William Waterhouse The Lady of Shalott24dankenstyneJohn William Waterhouse The Lady of ShalottMiranda48malumgranatumMirandaA Mermaid110malumgranatumA MermaidThe Lady Of Shallot110malumgranatumThe Lady Of Shallot