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Margaery Tyrell by Varsha Vijayan198leonidas42Margaery Tyrell by Varsha VijayanMargaery Tyrell by Alice X Zhang (2)204leonidas42Margaery Tyrell by Alice X Zhang (2)Tywin Lannister and Jeyne Arryn by Rockmenowa204leonidas42Tywin Lannister and Jeyne Arryn by RockmenowaBrienne by Caitersgonnacait204leonidas42Brienne by CaitersgonnacaitMelisandre and Stannis300leonidas42Melisandre and StannisDaenerys Targaryen08160leonidas42Daenerys Targaryen08Daenerys by Mike Ratera & Cris Ortega221leonidas42Daenerys by Mike Ratera & Cris OrtegaHighgarden3210leonidas42Highgarden3Elinor Tyrell by Drazenka Kimpel204leonidas42Elinor Tyrell by Drazenka KimpelThe Queen of Thorns by Cwald154leonidas42The Queen of Thorns by CwaldAlerie Tyrell196leonidas42Alerie TyrellLord Walder Frey and Catelyn by Ted Nasmith300leonidas42Lord Walder Frey and Catelyn by Ted NasmithRoslin of House Frey by Daenathedefiant180leonidas42Roslin of House Frey by DaenathedefiantMinisa Tully2192leonidas42Minisa Tully2Nymeria and Mors by Carla Ortiz200leonidas42Nymeria and Mors by Carla OrtizNymeria Sand by Johnmartinezart196leonidas42Nymeria Sand by JohnmartinezartArianne Unbowed Unbent Unbroken by Atramina228leonidas42Arianne Unbowed Unbent Unbroken by AtraminaArianne Martell2200leonidas42Arianne Martell2Asha Greyjoy1198leonidas42Asha Greyjoy1Dothraki Temple Interior2180leonidas42Dothraki Temple Interior2Dothraki Temple Interior1200leonidas42Dothraki Temple Interior1You were slower than i expected by Apfelgriebs192leonidas42You were slower than i expected by ApfelgriebsOathkeeper by Tara Phillips300leonidas42Oathkeeper by Tara PhillipsBrienne and Jaime204leonidas42Brienne and Jaime