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Caroline60BarbaraBraazCarolineIan Somerhalder96BarbaraBraazIan SomerhalderDamon & Stefan54BarbaraBraazDamon & StefanSalvatore's32BarbaraBraazSalvatore'sPaul 💛35BarbaraBraazPaul 💛The Vampire Diaries35BarbaraBraazThe Vampire DiariesThe Big Bang Theory 10300MelphieThe Big Bang Theory 10The Venture Bros. Family, Crew & Friends45dankenstyneThe Venture Bros. Family, Crew & FriendsThe Venture Bros.35dankenstyneThe Venture Bros.#Gene as Thomas Edison and Tina as Topsy the Elephant18Kaboomer#Gene as Thomas Edison and Tina as Topsy the ElephantEm Chamas48BarbaraBraazEm ChamasThe Originals 3300MelphieThe Originals 3Humorous-The-Simpsons-wallpapers-1963dankenstyneHumorous-The-Simpsons-wallpapers-19simpsons abbey road63dankenstynesimpsons abbey roadhomer simpson P.O.D. passed out on donuts60dankenstynehomer simpson P.O.D. passed out on donutsArrow - Flash300MelphieArrow - FlashKatniss - Jogos Vorazes70BarbaraBraazKatniss - Jogos VorazesThe Big Bang Theory 9300MelphieThe Big Bang Theory 9The Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors Ned Devil42dankenstyneThe Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors Ned DevilThe Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors POTW35dankenstyneThe Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors POTWRen-stimpy-creator-the-simpsons POTW24dankenstyneRen-stimpy-creator-the-simpsons POTWThe Big Bang Theory 8300MelphieThe Big Bang Theory 8The 100300MelphieThe 100The Big Bang Theory 7300MelphieThe Big Bang Theory 7