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Ep# 27 Principal Charming12dankenstyneEp# 27 Principal CharmingEp# 26 Homer Vs. Lisa And The 8TH Commandment12dankenstyneEp# 26 Homer Vs. Lisa And The 8TH CommandmentSeth MacFarlane's New Series The Orville on FOX35dankenstyneSeth MacFarlane's New Series The Orville on FOXEp. #21 Bart The Daredevil12dankenstyneEp. #21 Bart The DaredevilEp. #20 Bart Vs. Thanksgiving30dankenstyneEp. #20 Bart Vs. ThanksgivingEp. #2 Bart The Genius42dankenstyneEp. #2 Bart The GeniusThe Simpsons150dankenstyneThe Simpsonssimpsons rock n' roll summer camp45dankenstynesimpsons rock n' roll summer campFunny simpsons wallpaper-1412dankenstyneFunny simpsons wallpaper-14The League FXX35dankenstyneThe League FXXThe Venture Bros. Family, Crew & Friends45dankenstyneThe Venture Bros. Family, Crew & FriendsThe Venture Bros.35dankenstyneThe Venture Bros.Humorous-The-Simpsons-wallpapers-1963dankenstyneHumorous-The-Simpsons-wallpapers-19simpsons abbey road63dankenstynesimpsons abbey roadhomer simpson P.O.D. passed out on donuts60dankenstynehomer simpson P.O.D. passed out on donutsThe Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors Ned Devil42dankenstyneThe Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors Ned DevilThe Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors POTW35dankenstyneThe Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors POTWRen-stimpy-creator-the-simpsons POTW24dankenstyneRen-stimpy-creator-the-simpsons POTWSmurfsWallpaper102442dankenstyneSmurfsWallpaper1024The Flintstones 12041300213248dankenstyneThe Flintstones 120413002132The Bionic Woman300The Bionic WomanThe Avengers Silver Man90JanineZThe Avengers Silver ManThe Doctor90JanineZThe DoctorThe Thorn Birds (1983) 196OdysseusThe Thorn Birds (1983) 1