Више од 2048 слагалице има ознаку tv show
Назначене ознаке: +fantasy +leonidas42 +"game of thrones" +got +art +easy +100 +woman +200 +warrior

The Musketeers 8300MelphieThe Musketeers 8Grenn150leonidas42GrennPyp150leonidas42PypSam and Alliser128leonidas42Sam and AlliserSamwell Tarly by Blackwings198leonidas42Samwell Tarly by BlackwingsSamwell Tarly3200leonidas42Samwell Tarly3Samwell Tarly2150leonidas42Samwell Tarly2Samwell Tarly1195leonidas42Samwell Tarly1Qhorin Halfhand by Brittmartin150leonidas42Qhorin Halfhand by BrittmartinCastle Black2200leonidas42Castle Black2Alliser and Jon200leonidas42Alliser and JonAlliser Thorne144leonidas42Alliser ThorneJeor (Old Bear) Mormont by Antonio Jos Manzanedo198leonidas42Jeor (Old Bear) Mormont by Antonio Jos ManzanedoJeor Mormont4154leonidas42Jeor Mormont4Harrenhal4300leonidas42Harrenhal4Harrenhal3135leonidas42Harrenhal3Ten Towers of Harlaw120leonidas42Ten Towers of HarlawOlenna and Guards by Diego Gisbert Llorens198leonidas42Olenna and Guards by Diego Gisbert LlorensMargaery & Olenna & Loras204leonidas42Margaery & Olenna & LorasOlenna Tyrell1144leonidas42Olenna Tyrell1Margaery and Sansa192leonidas42Margaery and SansaMargaery and Loras120leonidas42Margaery and LorasI don't want to be a Queen by Adventureisoutthere198leonidas42I don't want to be a Queen by AdventureisoutthereFair Lady Margaery by Gunshiprevolution150leonidas42Fair Lady Margaery by Gunshiprevolution