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Tormund and Eddison Tollett200leonidas42Tormund and Eddison TollettThe Night's Watch196leonidas42The Night's WatchSam and Alliser128leonidas42Sam and AlliserSamwell Tarly3200leonidas42Samwell Tarly3Alliser and Jon200leonidas42Alliser and JonOlenna and Guards by Diego Gisbert Llorens198leonidas42Olenna and Guards by Diego Gisbert LlorensMargaery & Olenna & Loras204leonidas42Margaery & Olenna & LorasMargaery and Sansa192leonidas42Margaery and SansaMargaery and Loras120leonidas42Margaery and LorasLoras and Cersei200leonidas42Loras and CerseiEdmure Tully's Wedding200leonidas42Edmure Tully's WeddingAreo Hotah2190leonidas42Areo Hotah2Battle of Dorne198leonidas42Battle of DorneEuron's Return180leonidas42Euron's ReturnDrowned God Ceremony at the Pyke198leonidas42Drowned God Ceremony at the PykeEuron Greyjoy's Crowning120leonidas42Euron Greyjoy's CrowningFamily Greyjoy150leonidas42Family GreyjoyTheon and Robb150leonidas42Theon and RobbYara and Theon Greyjoy117leonidas42Yara and Theon GreyjoyRunestone200leonidas42RunestoneThe Eyrie by Lensar132leonidas42The Eyrie by LensarThe Eyrie1200leonidas42The Eyrie1Anya Waynwood and Yohn Royce200leonidas42Anya Waynwood and Yohn RoyceNestor Royce by Chris Dien192leonidas42Nestor Royce by Chris Dien