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The Sacrifice of Shireen Baratheon204leonidas42The Sacrifice of Shireen BaratheonRenly Baratheon1160leonidas42Renly Baratheon1Edric Storm (Gendry)200leonidas42Edric Storm (Gendry)Gendry1190leonidas42Gendry1Council by Thomas Denmark198leonidas42Council by Thomas DenmarkAscent Fire and Blood Battle by Mikegardnerart180leonidas42Ascent Fire and Blood Battle by MikegardnerartRoyal Couple Tommen and Margaery196leonidas42Royal Couple Tommen and MargaeryJoffrey Baratheon by Watchandsay180leonidas42Joffrey Baratheon by WatchandsayCersei and Robert Baratheon200leonidas42Cersei and Robert BaratheonCersei Baratheon by Nick Kalinin198leonidas42Cersei Baratheon by Nick KalininCersei Baratheon by Indu Art198leonidas42Cersei Baratheon by Indu ArtCersei Lannister180leonidas42Cersei LannisterCersei Baratheon17196leonidas42Cersei Baratheon17Battle of the Blackwater by T Jedruszek200leonidas42Battle of the Blackwater by T JedruszekSandor Clegane by Steven Donegani204leonidas42Sandor Clegane by Steven DoneganiDontos Hollard2180leonidas42Dontos Hollard2Podrick Payne180leonidas42Podrick PayneJaime Lannister by Camasarye198leonidas42Jaime Lannister by CamasaryeAncient Valyria by Megaduce200leonidas42Ancient Valyria by MegaduceRhaegal by Elevit-Stock196leonidas42Rhaegal by Elevit-StockYunkai1200leonidas42Yunkai1Vaes Dothrak by Kimberley Pope200leonidas42Vaes Dothrak by Kimberley PopeMissandei and Grey Worm198leonidas42Missandei and Grey WormMissandei200leonidas42Missandei