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Yosemite Sam12dankenstyneYosemite SamTaz12dankenstyneTazElmer Fudd12dankenstyneElmer FuddLooney Tunes12dankenstyneLooney TunesSylvester & Tweety12dankenstyneSylvester & TweetyEp. #7 Call Of The Simpsons35dankenstyneEp. #7 Call Of The SimpsonsEp. #6 Moaning Lisa35dankenstyneEp. #6 Moaning LisaEp. #5 Bart The General35dankenstyneEp. #5 Bart The GeneralEp. #4 There's No Disgrace Like Home35dankenstyneEp. #4 There's No Disgrace Like HomeEp. #3 Homer's Odyssey35dankenstyneEp. #3 Homer's Odysseyfry24dankenstynefryleela12dankenstyneleelaplanet express35dankenstyneplanet expressbender45dankenstynebenderprofessor farnsworth60dankenstyneprofessor farnsworthEp.#1 Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire40dankenstyneEp.#1 Simpsons Roasting On An Open Firehomer & santa's little helper sleeping35dankenstynehomer & santa's little helper sleepingThe Simpsons35dankenstyneThe SimpsonsHomer Simpson, Mick Jagger & Keith Richards42dankenstyneHomer Simpson, Mick Jagger & Keith RichardsMerry Christmas From The Simpsons10dankenstyneMerry Christmas From The SimpsonsThe Venture Brothers 'Ladle To The Grave, Shallow Gravy'24dankenstyneThe Venture Brothers 'Ladle To The Grave, Shallow Gravy'The Simpsons Season 1 DVD24dankenstyneThe Simpsons Season 1 DVDFuturama Zapp Brannigan24dankenstyneFuturama Zapp Branniganfamily guy peter griffin24dankenstynefamily guy peter griffin