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South Park99dankenstyneSouth ParkSouth Park96dankenstyneSouth ParkSouth Park96dankenstyneSouth ParkPeter & Quagmire With Drinking Buddies99dankenstynePeter & Quagmire With Drinking BuddiesPeter Griffin Loses His Mind & Creates His Own TV63dankenstynePeter Griffin Loses His Mind & Creates His Own TVFamily-Guy-family-guy-679051 1024 76835dankenstyneFamily-Guy-family-guy-679051 1024 768The Venture Bros. Family, Crew & Friends45dankenstyneThe Venture Bros. Family, Crew & Friendsfuturama bender art35dankenstynefuturama bender artportrait-of-20th-century-man-improved_by-the-fighting-mongooses35dankenstyneportrait-of-20th-century-man-improved_by-the-fighting-mongoosesFuturama Logo35dankenstyneFuturama Logohomer simpson P.O.D. passed out on donuts60dankenstynehomer simpson P.O.D. passed out on donutsHeathcliff16dankenstyneHeathcliffTopcat40dankenstyneTopcatF is for Family24dankenstyneF is for FamilyStewie Offers A Trade12dankenstyneStewie Offers A Tradebrian's shroom trip by bloodypwner5 (3)12dankenstynebrian's shroom trip by bloodypwner5 (3)Brian Trips On Shrooms15dankenstyneBrian Trips On ShroomsBrian Very Obviously Sneaks Out Of Room On Shrooms15dankenstyneBrian Very Obviously Sneaks Out Of Room On ShroomsSterling Archer98dankenstyneSterling ArcherLana Kane98dankenstyneLana KaneDoctor Krieger98dankenstyneDoctor KriegerCheryl Tunt96dankenstyneCheryl TuntRay Gillette99dankenstyneRay GilletteEp. #18 Dancin' Homer98dankenstyneEp. #18 Dancin' Homer