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Mad About You150crisrioMad About YouDexter150crisrioDexter#Actor Gerard Butler35Kaboomer#Actor Gerard Butler#Actor Helen Mirren24Kaboomer#Actor Helen Mirren#Actor Johnny Depp24Kaboomer#Actor Johnny DeppLady Rose, Downton Abbey180GoldGalLady Rose, Downton AbbeyThe Crown150GoldGalThe CrownLady Mary, Downton Abbey150GoldGalLady Mary, Downton Abbey#Disney's Mary Poppins with Julie Andrews35Kaboomer#Disney's Mary Poppins with Julie AndrewsJennifer Lawrence90agliankaJennifer LawrenceBe-ne-dikt :)100agliankaBe-ne-dikt :)"World Television Day-Favourite actor TV show or film35Lalka"World Television Day-Favourite actor TV show or filmBones20puzzlesr4funBonesTWILIGHT ZONE 195915lboulaisTWILIGHT ZONE 1959Non Goo Yong Ha da!/Song Joong Ki32ninussaNon Goo Yong Ha da!/Song Joong KiShades of blue TV series70Vivien2012Shades of blue TV seriesSupernatural tv series70Vivien2012Supernatural tv seriesThe last ship tv series54Vivien2012The last ship tv seriesThe Vikings TV series70Vivien2012The Vikings TV seriesVan helsing TV series72Vivien2012Van helsing TV seriesRick Grimes Walking Dead54Vivien2012Rick Grimes Walking DeadRagnar Lothbrock TV Series The Vikings72Vivien2012Ragnar Lothbrock TV Series The VikingsThe Vikings TV series60Vivien2012The Vikings TV seriesCriminal Minds cast60Vivien2012Criminal Minds cast