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Arianne Martell1 by Nick Kalinin180leonidas42Arianne Martell1 by Nick KalininArianne Martell2200leonidas42Arianne Martell2Mellario of Norvos by Benjiskyler180leonidas42Mellario of Norvos by BenjiskylerAsha by Atramina198leonidas42Asha by AtraminaAsha Greyjoy4198leonidas42Asha Greyjoy4Asha Greyjoy1198leonidas42Asha Greyjoy1Yara Greyjoy2180leonidas42Yara Greyjoy2Alannys Harlaw by Henning204leonidas42Alannys Harlaw by HenningLysa Arryn2200leonidas42Lysa Arryn2Dothraki Temple Interior2180leonidas42Dothraki Temple Interior2Dothraki Temple Interior1200leonidas42Dothraki Temple Interior1You were slower than i expected by Apfelgriebs192leonidas42You were slower than i expected by ApfelgriebsBrienne and Jaime204leonidas42Brienne and JaimeBrienne of Tarth by Humanmetrics196leonidas42Brienne of Tarth by HumanmetricsBrienne of Tarth2198leonidas42Brienne of Tarth2The Sacrifice of Shireen Baratheon204leonidas42The Sacrifice of Shireen BaratheonMelisandre by drkujo192leonidas42Melisandre by drkujoMelisandre by Donato Giancola192leonidas42Melisandre by Donato GiancolaA Clash of Kings by Stephen Youll300leonidas42A Clash of Kings by Stephen YoullRenly and Margaery200leonidas42Renly and MargaeryShireen by Hilary Heffron204leonidas42Shireen by Hilary HeffronStannis at Dragonstone200leonidas42Stannis at DragonstoneTommen and Margaery198leonidas42Tommen and MargaeryMyrcella by Sacha Angel Diener190leonidas42Myrcella by Sacha Angel Diener