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Olenna and Guards by Diego Gisbert Llorens198leonidas42Olenna and Guards by Diego Gisbert LlorensMargaery & Olenna & Loras204leonidas42Margaery & Olenna & LorasMargaery and Sansa192leonidas42Margaery and SansaLoras and Cersei200leonidas42Loras and CerseiEdmure Tully's Wedding200leonidas42Edmure Tully's WeddingAnya Waynwood and Yohn Royce200leonidas42Anya Waynwood and Yohn RoyceSelyse and Stannis180leonidas42Selyse and StannisOutlander200leonidas42OutlanderGoT16198leonidas42GoT16GoT07200leonidas42GoT07Craster's Keep1200leonidas42Craster's Keep1Sam and Gilly (Goldy)200leonidas42Sam and Gilly (Goldy)Aemon Targaryen and Gilly (Goldy)180leonidas42Aemon Targaryen and Gilly (Goldy)Highgarden3210leonidas42Highgarden3Sand Snakes by Eolewyn1010192leonidas42Sand Snakes by Eolewyn1010Sand Snakes195leonidas42Sand SnakesNymeria and Mors by Carla Ortiz200leonidas42Nymeria and Mors by Carla OrtizEllaria Sand and the Sand Snakes200leonidas42Ellaria Sand and the Sand SnakesDothraki Temple Interior2180leonidas42Dothraki Temple Interior2Dothraki Temple Interior1200leonidas42Dothraki Temple Interior1The Sacrifice of Shireen Baratheon204leonidas42The Sacrifice of Shireen BaratheonA Clash of Kings by Stephen Youll300leonidas42A Clash of Kings by Stephen YoullJoffrey's Death by Magali Villeneuve196leonidas42Joffrey's Death by Magali VilleneuveRoyal Couple Tommen and Margaery196leonidas42Royal Couple Tommen and Margaery