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Hoster Tully Funeral180leonidas42Hoster Tully FuneralGreywater Watch by Conor Burke200leonidas42Greywater Watch by Conor BurkeSand Snakes by Eolewyn1010192leonidas42Sand Snakes by Eolewyn1010Sand Snakes195leonidas42Sand SnakesNymeria and Mors by Carla Ortiz200leonidas42Nymeria and Mors by Carla OrtizEllaria Sand and the Sand Snakes200leonidas42Ellaria Sand and the Sand SnakesSaltpans Docks by Max Berman200leonidas42Saltpans Docks by Max BermanRob leading the men in Battle200leonidas42Rob leading the men in BattleKing Robb's South War by Zippo514200leonidas42King Robb's South War by Zippo514Aeron Greyjoy by DonatoArts196leonidas42Aeron Greyjoy by DonatoArtsPyke Rope Bridge200leonidas42Pyke Rope BridgeDothraki Temple Interior2180leonidas42Dothraki Temple Interior2Dothraki Temple Interior1200leonidas42Dothraki Temple Interior1The Sacrifice of Shireen Baratheon204leonidas42The Sacrifice of Shireen BaratheonA Clash of Kings by Stephen Youll300leonidas42A Clash of Kings by Stephen YoullCouncil by Thomas Denmark198leonidas42Council by Thomas DenmarkAscent Fire and Blood Battle by Mikegardnerart180leonidas42Ascent Fire and Blood Battle by MikegardnerartJoffrey's Death by Magali Villeneuve196leonidas42Joffrey's Death by Magali VilleneuveRoyal Couple Tommen and Margaery196leonidas42Royal Couple Tommen and MargaeryJoffrey and Margaery by Gudina Marina204leonidas42Joffrey and Margaery by Gudina MarinaThe Mountain freaks out221leonidas42The Mountain freaks outViserion by Ncorva198leonidas42Viserion by NcorvaGrey Worms Elite by Tomasz Jedrus196leonidas42Grey Worms Elite by Tomasz JedrusAstapor Walk of Punishment200leonidas42Astapor Walk of Punishment