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Elinor Tyrell by Drazenka Kimpel204leonidas42Elinor Tyrell by Drazenka KimpelLoras Tyrell by Irrisor Immortalis198leonidas42Loras Tyrell by Irrisor ImmortalisAlerie Tyrell196leonidas42Alerie TyrellMace Tyrell by Sedeslav192leonidas42Mace Tyrell by SedeslavBattle of the Bastards216leonidas42Battle of the BastardsBattle of the North220leonidas42Battle of the NorthRiverrun3210leonidas42Riverrun3Riverrun1190leonidas42Riverrun1The Red Wedding by Ertac Altinoz200leonidas42The Red Wedding by Ertac AltinozLothar Frey182leonidas42Lothar FreyBrynden Tully by Miguelregodon190leonidas42Brynden Tully by MiguelregodonRoslin of House Frey by Daenathedefiant180leonidas42Roslin of House Frey by DaenathedefiantEdmure Tully4198leonidas42Edmure Tully4Edmure Tully2198leonidas42Edmure Tully2Hoster Tully Funeral2220leonidas42Hoster Tully Funeral2Bear Island Van Gogh Style200leonidas42Bear Island Van Gogh StyleBear Island200leonidas42Bear IslandAreo Hotah by Lukasz Jaskolski196leonidas42Areo Hotah by Lukasz JaskolskiNymeria and Mors by Carla Ortiz200leonidas42Nymeria and Mors by Carla OrtizNymeria Sand by Johnmartinezart196leonidas42Nymeria Sand by JohnmartinezartNymeria Sand5195leonidas42Nymeria Sand5Nymeria Sand4198leonidas42Nymeria Sand4Sunspear by Lincoln Renall220leonidas42Sunspear by Lincoln RenallEllaria Sand and the Sand Snakes200leonidas42Ellaria Sand and the Sand Snakes