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Dorne1180leonidas42Dorne1Oberyn Martell vs Gregor Clegane by Magali Villeneuve196leonidas42Oberyn Martell vs Gregor Clegane by Magali VilleneuveOberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand by Meduzza13196leonidas42Oberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand by Meduzza13Mors Martell and Nymeria Sand180leonidas42Mors Martell and Nymeria SandArianne Martell3 by Nick Kalinin198leonidas42Arianne Martell3 by Nick KalininArianne Martell1 by Nick Kalinin180leonidas42Arianne Martell1 by Nick KalininMellario of Norvos by Benjiskyler180leonidas42Mellario of Norvos by BenjiskylerSaltpans Docks by Max Berman200leonidas42Saltpans Docks by Max BermanDagmer Cleftjaw2132leonidas42Dagmer Cleftjaw2Euron Greyjoy2196leonidas42Euron Greyjoy2Euron Greyjoy1182leonidas42Euron Greyjoy1The Iron Islands Castle by Eva Maria Toker198leonidas42The Iron Islands Castle by Eva Maria TokerAsha by Atramina198leonidas42Asha by AtraminaAsha Greyjoy4198leonidas42Asha Greyjoy4Alannys Harlaw by Henning204leonidas42Alannys Harlaw by HenningEvenfall Hall by Jordi Gonzalez180leonidas42Evenfall Hall by Jordi GonzalezBrienne of Tarth by Humanmetrics196leonidas42Brienne of Tarth by HumanmetricsThe Sacrifice of Shireen Baratheon204leonidas42The Sacrifice of Shireen BaratheonRenly Baratheon1160leonidas42Renly Baratheon1Edric Storm (Gendry)200leonidas42Edric Storm (Gendry)Gendry1190leonidas42Gendry1Council by Thomas Denmark198leonidas42Council by Thomas DenmarkAscent Fire and Blood Battle by Mikegardnerart180leonidas42Ascent Fire and Blood Battle by MikegardnerartRoyal Couple Tommen and Margaery196leonidas42Royal Couple Tommen and Margaery