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Nymeria and Mors by Carla Ortiz200leonidas42Nymeria and Mors by Carla OrtizNymeria Sand by Nikolay Asparuhov204leonidas42Nymeria Sand by Nikolay AsparuhovNymeria Sand by Johnmartinezart196leonidas42Nymeria Sand by JohnmartinezartObara Sand by Jessica Parker-Kennedy180leonidas42Obara Sand by Jessica Parker-KennedySunspear by Lincoln Renall220leonidas42Sunspear by Lincoln RenallVipers Paramour by Aleksanderkarcz192leonidas42Vipers Paramour by AleksanderkarczEllaria Sand by Drazenka Kimpel204leonidas42Ellaria Sand by Drazenka KimpelDorne1180leonidas42Dorne1Oberyn Martell vs Gregor Clegane by Magali Villeneuve196leonidas42Oberyn Martell vs Gregor Clegane by Magali VilleneuveOberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand by Meduzza13196leonidas42Oberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand by Meduzza13Oberyn Martell by Prokrik192leonidas42Oberyn Martell by ProkrikOberyn Martell3198leonidas42Oberyn Martell3Mors Martell and Nymeria Sand180leonidas42Mors Martell and Nymeria SandOlyvar by Antoinetteda204leonidas42Olyvar by AntoinettedaArianne Unbowed Unbent Unbroken by Atramina228leonidas42Arianne Unbowed Unbent Unbroken by AtraminaArianne Martell3 by Nick Kalinin198leonidas42Arianne Martell3 by Nick KalininArianne Martell1 by Nick Kalinin180leonidas42Arianne Martell1 by Nick KalininArianne Martell2200leonidas42Arianne Martell2Mellario of Norvos by Benjiskyler180leonidas42Mellario of Norvos by BenjiskylerSaltpans Docks by Max Berman200leonidas42Saltpans Docks by Max BermanRob leading the men in Battle200leonidas42Rob leading the men in BattleKing Robb's South War by Zippo514200leonidas42King Robb's South War by Zippo514King's Landing by Charles Lee200leonidas42King's Landing by Charles LeeDagmer Cleftjaw2132leonidas42Dagmer Cleftjaw2