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Margaery Tyrell by Kancutboy221leonidas42Margaery Tyrell by KancutboyMargaery Tyrell by Digicuriositydesigns204leonidas42Margaery Tyrell by DigicuriositydesignsLoras Tyrell by Irrisor Immortalis198leonidas42Loras Tyrell by Irrisor ImmortalisLoras Tyrell1196leonidas42Loras Tyrell1Willas Tyrell by Mikey Booch180leonidas42Willas Tyrell by Mikey BoochAlerie Tyrell196leonidas42Alerie TyrellMace Tyrell by Sedeslav192leonidas42Mace Tyrell by SedeslavBattle of the Bastards216leonidas42Battle of the BastardsBattle of the North220leonidas42Battle of the NorthQueenscrown196leonidas42QueenscrownRiverrun3210leonidas42Riverrun3The Red Wedding by Ertac Altinoz200leonidas42The Red Wedding by Ertac AltinozBrynden Tully by Miguelregodon190leonidas42Brynden Tully by MiguelregodonRoslin of House Frey by Daenathedefiant180leonidas42Roslin of House Frey by DaenathedefiantEdmure Tully2198leonidas42Edmure Tully2Hoster Tully Funeral2220leonidas42Hoster Tully Funeral2Greywater Watch by Conor Burke200leonidas42Greywater Watch by Conor BurkeBear Island Van Gogh Style200leonidas42Bear Island Van Gogh StyleBear Island200leonidas42Bear IslandLast Hearth by Eilean Donan192leonidas42Last Hearth by Eilean DonanSer Arys Oakheart by Benjamin Davis196leonidas42Ser Arys Oakheart by Benjamin DavisAreo Hotah by Lukasz Jaskolski196leonidas42Areo Hotah by Lukasz JaskolskiSand Snakes by Eolewyn1010192leonidas42Sand Snakes by Eolewyn1010Sarella Sand by Nickspencilart100leonidas42Sarella Sand by Nickspencilart