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Battle of Blackwater112leonidas42Battle of BlackwaterJoffrey and Margaery117leonidas42Joffrey and MargaeryBattle of Blackwater298leonidas42Battle of Blackwater2Khal Moro117leonidas42Khal MoroHizdahr zo Loraq2120leonidas42Hizdahr zo Loraq2Second Siege of Meereen150leonidas42Second Siege of MeereenVaes Dothrak by Ted Nasmith150leonidas42Vaes Dothrak by Ted NasmithKraznys mo Nakloz2120leonidas42Kraznys mo Nakloz2Xaro Xhoan and Daenerys128leonidas42Xaro Xhoan and DaenerysKhaleesi and Khal Drogo by Shivaatheeon150leonidas42Khaleesi and Khal Drogo by ShivaatheeonAerys Targaryen and Varys120leonidas42Aerys Targaryen and VarysWendel Manderly150leonidas42Wendel ManderlyBolton Family150leonidas42Bolton FamilyLuwin and Bran117leonidas42Luwin and BranJory Cassel by Okzch2425150leonidas42Jory Cassel by Okzch2425Jory Cassel120leonidas42Jory CasselHodor and company120leonidas42Hodor and companyStark Family1120leonidas42Stark Family1Arya in Braavos120leonidas42Arya in BraavosJon Snow and Ygritte by shonechacko120leonidas42Jon Snow and Ygritte by shonechackoJon Snow by Vogelspinne120leonidas42Jon Snow by VogelspinneJon Snow5120leonidas42Jon Snow5Jon Snow3120leonidas42Jon Snow3Rickon Stark3120leonidas42Rickon Stark3