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The Queen of Thorns by Cwald154leonidas42The Queen of Thorns by CwaldMargaery and Children132leonidas42Margaery and ChildrenJoffrey and Margaery100leonidas42Joffrey and MargaeryMargaery Tyrell by Sigmak150leonidas42Margaery Tyrell by SigmakMargaery Tyrell by Shezzor130leonidas42Margaery Tyrell by ShezzorMargaery Tyrell by Saissize120leonidas42Margaery Tyrell by SaissizeMargaery Tyrell by Dopaprime140leonidas42Margaery Tyrell by DopaprimeMargaery Tyrell8150leonidas42Margaery Tyrell8Margaery Tyrell1150leonidas42Margaery Tyrell1Loras Tyrell by Stokesbrook117leonidas42Loras Tyrell by StokesbrookLoras Tyrell by Grishhak154leonidas42Loras Tyrell by GrishhakGarlan Tyrell by YvyB13120leonidas42Garlan Tyrell by YvyB13Willas Tyrell by YvyB13120leonidas42Willas Tyrell by YvyB13Willas Tyrell120leonidas42Willas TyrellAlerie Tyrell by Sashotso120leonidas42Alerie Tyrell by SashotsoMace Tyrell1130leonidas42Mace Tyrell1Karhold by Franz Miklis120leonidas42Karhold by Franz MiklisMoat Cailin by Rene Aigner150leonidas42Moat Cailin by Rene AignerMoat Cailin by Karakter128leonidas42Moat Cailin by KarakterRiverrun by Martinacecilia130leonidas42Riverrun by MartinaceciliaRiverrun by Kamila Szutenberg144leonidas42Riverrun by Kamila SzutenbergCleos Frey by Jarrod Owen154leonidas42Cleos Frey by Jarrod OwenEmmon Frey96leonidas42Emmon FreyBrynden Tully by Mattolsonart120leonidas42Brynden Tully by Mattolsonart