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Ygritte by Varsha Vijayan150leonidas42Ygritte by Varsha VijayanYgritte by Tab109130leonidas42Ygritte by Tab109Ygritte by Steamey150leonidas42Ygritte by SteameyYgritte by Helene Kupp110leonidas42Ygritte by Helene KuppYgritte by Finangel150leonidas42Ygritte by FinangelYgritte by David117leonidas42Ygritte by DavidYgritte5154leonidas42Ygritte5Ygritte2120leonidas42Ygritte2King Beyond the Wall by Henning150leonidas42King Beyond the Wall by HenningSamwell Tarly2150leonidas42Samwell Tarly2Qhorin Halfhand by Brittmartin150leonidas42Qhorin Halfhand by BrittmartinJeor Mormont4154leonidas42Jeor Mormont4Walder Frey by Davidoneillart120leonidas42Walder Frey by DavidoneillartBrynden Tully2160leonidas42Brynden Tully2Theon Greyjoy by S761123120leonidas42Theon Greyjoy by S761123Asha Greyjoy5150leonidas42Asha Greyjoy5Asha Greyjoy2130leonidas42Asha Greyjoy2Balon Greyjoy3120leonidas42Balon Greyjoy3Yohn Royce2130leonidas42Yohn Royce2Robert Baratheon and Jon Arryn112leonidas42Robert Baratheon and Jon ArrynBrienne of Tarth by Stokesbook150leonidas42Brienne of Tarth by StokesbookCersei and the Mountain99leonidas42Cersei and the MountainCersei and Jaime Lannister by Sezengurakar140leonidas42Cersei and Jaime Lannister by SezengurakarYou Know Nothing, John Snow by Niksebastian154leonidas42You Know Nothing, John Snow by Niksebastian