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Runestone by Andrew Ryan130leonidas42Runestone by Andrew RyanRunestone200leonidas42RunestoneThe Eyrie by Lensar132leonidas42The Eyrie by LensarThe Eyrie by Karakter150leonidas42The Eyrie by KarakterThe Eyrie2204leonidas42The Eyrie2The Eyrie1200leonidas42The Eyrie1Anya Waynwood and Yohn Royce200leonidas42Anya Waynwood and Yohn RoyceAnya Waynwood132leonidas42Anya WaynwoodYohn Royce2130leonidas42Yohn Royce2Yohn Royce1108leonidas42Yohn Royce1Nestor Royce by Chris Dien192leonidas42Nestor Royce by Chris DienLysa Arynn and Littlefinger130leonidas42Lysa Arynn and LittlefingerTywin Lannister and Jeyne Arryn by Rockmenowa204leonidas42Tywin Lannister and Jeyne Arryn by RockmenowaRobert Baratheon and Jon Arryn112leonidas42Robert Baratheon and Jon ArrynMeereen New Council Room119leonidas42Meereen New Council RoomBattle of Meereen2 by Karakter200leonidas42Battle of Meereen2 by KarakterBattle of Meereen1 by Karakter200leonidas42Battle of Meereen1 by KarakterDothraki Horde at Meereen by Karakter120leonidas42Dothraki Horde at Meereen by KarakterDaenerys and the Dothraki by Kilborngraphics98leonidas42Daenerys and the Dothraki by KilborngraphicsYunkai by Patrick Jensen200leonidas42Yunkai by Patrick JensenBravoos by Karakter220leonidas42Bravoos by KarakterBrienne by Caitersgonnacait204leonidas42Brienne by CaitersgonnacaitBrienne of Tarth by Stokesbook150leonidas42Brienne of Tarth by StokesbookBrienne of Tarth (Funko)140leonidas42Brienne of Tarth (Funko)