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Cute6NonnaCuteLabrador cuddling with teddy bear6DrWhoLabrador cuddling with teddy bearRubber duckie cake @ Sweet Mary132Susie01Rubber duckie cake @ Sweet MaryKitten sleeping80nobody0Kitten sleepingHappy Teddy Bear Dreams20dangergirlHappy Teddy Bear DreamsBedtime Cuddles with Teddy20dangergirlBedtime Cuddles with TeddyToys80SayutskaToysSeal Toy9SayutskaSeal ToyKitty's Favourite Teddy Bear20dangergirlKitty's Favourite Teddy BearPuppy's Favourite Teddy Bear20dangergirlPuppy's Favourite Teddy BearThree Giraffes24TurtleGirlThree GiraffesBox of Toys6roberta1Box of ToysCute45KatinkaGardenerCuteIll Get You Yet!100LavenderRoseIll Get You Yet!Rabbit toy60SayutskaRabbit toy^ Stuffed gorilla6300zx^ Stuffed gorillaLil' Bub and Clones72GoldGalLil' Bub and Clones#I'm Playing the E.T. Game300Kaboomer#I'm Playing the E.T. Game#I'm Preparing for World Wrestling Entertainment45Kaboomer#I'm Preparing for World Wrestling EntertainmentCurly-haired Cat with a Toy Pelican70GoldGalCurly-haired Cat with a Toy PelicanComfy Spot by Charles Wysocki120KarindComfy Spot by Charles WysockiAmigurumi owls36ospreyAmigurumi owlsAmigurumi monkey35ospreyAmigurumi monkeyAmigurumi bunch36ospreyAmigurumi bunch