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Cartoon topiary12patijewlCartoon topiaryWollerton Old Hall gardens150tnbsktsWollerton Old Hall gardensGreenbearstopiary100TexasrollGreenbearstopiaryA topiary zoo!36purrydazeA topiary zoo!Wow! Neat topiary36purrydazeWow! Neat topiaryGreat topiaries!35purrydazeGreat topiaries!Lady topiary botanical garden54Vivien2012Lady topiary botanical gardenMusic in the park20puzzlesr4funMusic in the parkFemale topiary botanical garden48Vivien2012Female topiary botanical gardenChelsea garden show.4jillnjoChelsea garden show.Flowers - Creative Topiary - Santa Rosa Italy100Magpie627Flowers - Creative Topiary - Santa Rosa ItalySculpted juniper bush topiary garden in zarcero costa rica54Vivien2012Sculpted juniper bush topiary garden in zarcero costa ricaLady and the tramp topiary24mysteryfanLady and the tramp topiaryTodmorden topiary90liriodendronTodmorden topiaryFloral Peacock99tnbsktsFloral PeacockTopiary Tunnel15AmyJoyTopiary TunnelPeacockTopiary90MarrooPeacockTopiaryTending The Topiary Cat70Tending The Topiary CatChâteau de Courances 235ospreyChâteau de Courances 2Lemur Hedges70tedelLemur Hedges2 cats topiary.jpg70bigsurmagic2 cats topiary.jpgTrain Track Dreams198LadySamTrain Track DreamsCatprofilepic72mysticmog73Catprofilepictwo tiered arrangements150esse54two tiered arrangements