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Painted by G Petryszak56xyz1Painted by G PetryszakFall Cans90DalemidkifffanFall Cans^ Fresh fruits24300zx^ Fresh fruitsTin men35heringTin men^ Lanterns25300zx^ LanternsTin Hearts300FredgrowerTin HeartsTinroof88jayniebbTinroofCornish tin mine80deegeffCornish tin mineBiscuit tin.16jillnjoBiscuit tin.Old jars 260KatinkaGardenerOld jars 2Tin of Treats20Cookie303Tin of TreatsCrushed coke can90pinkfluffyslippersCrushed coke canBob Fair 'The Tin Lizzy'150Rita49Bob Fair 'The Tin Lizzy'old tin mine - Cornwall90deegeffold tin mine - Cornwall^ Rustic35300zx^ RusticWind-up toy car collection32FadeWind-up toy car collection^ Plastic clothes pins12300zx^ Plastic clothes pinsTea tin and apples60DidleyDTea tin and apples^ Bird house barn with tin roof30300zx^ Bird house barn with tin roofAntique Tin Toy Top30KaboomerAntique Tin Toy Top^ Carribean coconut bar28300zx^ Carribean coconut bar^ Box of Christmas cookies and candies35300zx^ Box of Christmas cookies and candiesOld Farm House99Wilson1150Old Farm HouseOld Jug and Barrel35PortalinOld Jug and Barrel