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Christmas28NadinBgChristmasBeautiful Switzerland-Rhaetian Railway in Winter12AllThingsBeautifulBeautiful Switzerland-Rhaetian Railway in WinterBeautiful Switzerland-Zermatt Valley8AllThingsBeautifulBeautiful Switzerland-Zermatt ValleyChristmas28NadinBgChristmasGlacial Greenland98JigsUp17Glacial Greenland#Counting Snowflakes Folk Art by Kim6Kaboomer#Counting Snowflakes Folk Art by KimWinter28NadinBgWinterWinter24NadinBgWinterGreat Mountains & Waterfalls35dankenstyneGreat Mountains & WaterfallsWinter24NadinBgWinterTime To Discover48dankenstyneTime To Discover32. Mild Weather Melting Lake Ice, Elliot Lake, Canada, WalksLik60aakats1132. Mild Weather Melting Lake Ice, Elliot Lake, Canada, WalksLik27. Libby Town Sunrise East, Portland, ME, Alphaholik -37460aakats1127. Libby Town Sunrise East, Portland, ME, Alphaholik -374Gold Light Vercors Plateau15dankenstyneGold Light Vercors Plateausnowy evergreen branch15dankenstynesnowy evergreen branchDeer Winter Horns Trees Snow35dankenstyneDeer Winter Horns Trees SnowFall Colors Through Snow300EmbeeFall Colors Through Snow+ Beauty of the North Country180Victory3103+ Beauty of the North Countrysounds of silence24dankenstynesounds of silence#Spring on the Farm300Kaboomer#Spring on the FarmBeautiful Winter12dankenstyneBeautiful Wintersunrise through the trees110AtoZsunrise through the treesHans Vinteretter painting24bodhi4meHans Vinteretter paintingChristmas feeder90sherrie11Christmas feeder