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Sydney, Australia~!12normaloisSydney, Australia~!Bouquet By The Sea, 1960 - David Burliuk48MorvorenBouquet By The Sea, 1960 - David BurliukBlack Horse - David Burliuk99MorvorenBlack Horse - David BurliukDavid Burliuk, Fall Flowers in a Watering Can, 194970MorvorenDavid Burliuk, Fall Flowers in a Watering Can, 1949Sleeping Musician. David Burliuk299MorvorenSleeping Musician. David BurliukFlowers By The Sea by David Burliuk204MorvorenFlowers By The Sea by David BurliukSunset24NadinBgSunsetBears28NadinBgBearsAirplane24NadinBgAirplaneAudi24NadinBgAudiAudi20NadinBgAudiVan Gogh cake120Susie01Van Gogh cakeTorres del Paine Southern Andes30john2Torres del Paine Southern Andesstone country house35sadladystone country houseGlamis Castle35sadladyGlamis CastleSea-Waves15NadinBgSea-WavesAutumn20NadinBgAutumnWinter24NadinBgWinterCoastal Rocks At Low Tide150oholmesCoastal Rocks At Low TideSunset28NadinBgSunsetAutumn24NadinBgAutumnПейзаж198vasilnaПейзажSnow fall on the Old Barn30john2Snow fall on the Old BarnMERRY CHRISTMAS by Artist George Kovach30john2MERRY CHRISTMAS by Artist George Kovach