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Beautiful Autumn Colours35john2Beautiful Autumn Coloursrabbit & cubs9ardenarabbit & cubsGagging brook in the Tetons 230john2Gagging brook in the Tetons 2A baby Boston Bull Terrier,a bit on the shy side,I'd say.. eh !!88FreddijA baby Boston Bull Terrier,a bit on the shy side,I'd say.. eh !!shy white cat96puzzle1234shy white catWhen First We Meet (1892), JessicaHayllar88BronwynWhen First We Meet (1892), JessicaHayllarwhite rabbits in winter12ardenawhite rabbits in winterShy lion54AjaxxShy lionShy Irish Fairy20BlindTigerShy Irish FairySandy25TigerjagSandyA little shy fella....80FreddijA little shy fella....Camera shy32puzzlesr4funCamera shyShy baby gariffe88shaperShy baby gariffe'Camera Shy'99Steve360'Camera Shy'Shy Girl99Steve360Shy GirlPICASSO  SHY GIRL35NORASHEPLEY1234PICASSO SHY GIRLEverglades Bobcat (rarely viewed)60swreaderEverglades Bobcat (rarely viewed)Golden reflections60sherrie11Golden reflectionsBalloons25PinkFuschia1Balloonssunset_IMG_076535girondinesunset_IMG_0765Fox Sparrow looking for Breakfast42swreaderFox Sparrow looking for BreakfastBuruu Doresu12ChristineDaaeBuruu Doresushy flowers108ManhQuanshy flowersKagami-Hiiragi-24ChristineDaaeKagami-Hiiragi-