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Lake Superior shoreline Porcupine Mountains Wilderness Michigan77Vivien2012Lake Superior shoreline Porcupine Mountains Wilderness MichiganBlue pink beach sunset40john2Blue pink beach sunsetSunset over blue water dock35john2Sunset over blue water dockNatural rocky beach in Australia35john2Natural rocky beach in AustraliaThink I will sit here60catmom040Think I will sit hereEvening walk at the beach30john2Evening walk at the beachWaves coming ashore at sunset25john2Waves coming ashore at sunsetLight of the moon140catmom040Light of the moonIMG_002935mimees6IMG_0029Colorful35mimees6ColorfulThe sea99catmom040The seaWow what a shoreline209SpruceWow what a shorelineKauai Island Shoreline and Cliffs117esse54Kauai Island Shoreline and Cliffs00370masterpiecer00307172masterpiecer071Mystical Oceanscape300EmbeeMystical Oceanscape04572masterpiecer045Lake Michigan Shore35TJourdenLake Michigan ShoreBeautiful wave32catmom040Beautiful wave08072masterpiecer08002372masterpiecer02302172masterpiecer02107472masterpiecer07406672masterpiecer066