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Bouquet of cornflower24Dajana49Bouquet of cornflower32 Olds 2dr,coupe...A sparkling sapphire blue in colour...72Freddij32 Olds 2dr,coupe...A sparkling sapphire blue in colour...Gentiana35Dajana49GentianaSapphire widow and door35malwa491Sapphire widow and doorSapphire Blue Chiffon Dress28TigerjagSapphire Blue Chiffon DressTiffany Blue Scales Bracelet, Close-up98GoldGalTiffany Blue Scales Bracelet, Close-upSapphire54SapphireAmericana photo by Roger Braunstein via Flickr CC BY 2.035FadeAmericana photo by Roger Braunstein via Flickr CC BY 2.0Gems15RobinBGems3rd Gen Chaos198Akuhime8133rd Gen Chaos^ Ceylon Sapphire Diamond Ring25300zx^ Ceylon Sapphire Diamond Ring^ Ruby, emerald, sapphire, diamond bracelet36300zx^ Ruby, emerald, sapphire, diamond braceletSapphireRose99shadysea720SapphireRosePokemon221Pokemon^ Sapphire and diamond earrings42300zx^ Sapphire and diamond earringsSapphire By Kolakis 1280x800198Sapphire By Kolakis 1280x800^ Natural intense pink Ceylon sapphire48300zx^ Natural intense pink Ceylon sapphire^ Purple sapphire and diamond ring42300zx^ Purple sapphire and diamond ring^ Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald48300zx^ Diamond, Sapphire, EmeraldBombay Sapphire40aprylBombay SapphireSapphire Orchid...100MyDustyGirlSapphire Orchid...Yellow Sapphire49Yellow SapphireGem36GemKauai 2012 068300jhmtravelerKauai 2012 068