23 puzzles tagged rook

handicrafts chess12ardenahandicrafts chessCHESS!12normaloisCHESS!Rook (Corvus frugilegus)150mardukwinsRook (Corvus frugilegus)Rook110lornetRookRook [Corbeau freux]80camille89Rook [Corbeau freux]Rook at Stonehenge48JohnboyMNRook at StonehengeDon't tell me! *Gasp* It was you all the time?120RookwingsDon't tell me! *Gasp* It was you all the time?Rooks can run too...198RookwingsRooks can run too...a Rook180Rookwingsa RookRook landing on meadow post ~!15normaloisRook landing on meadow post ~!ROOKS TAVERN~!16normaloisROOKS TAVERN~!Sceptical Crow suspects something180RookwingsSceptical Crow suspects somethingRook35msteimerRookMichael Vey28msteimerMichael VeyFrench humour35heringFrench humourRook15RookSaw this Rookwings and thought of you221VivienneSaw this Rookwings and thought of you*Anna Silivonchik80pinkylee*Anna SilivonchikNope. None here either. ;P224RookwingsNope. None here either. ;PSepia rooks150RookwingsSepia rooksPardon the pun ;)198RookwingsPardon the pun ;)Rook on the rocks, for Meiki176RookwingsRook on the rocks, for MeikiSomeone calling me "Scary"? ;P196RookwingsSomeone calling me "Scary"? ;P