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Soulful Black Lab35BlindTigerSoulful Black LabDog toller160mmm4Dog tollerDog toller209Dog tollerGolden retriever99Golden retrieverLucky Louie16TigerjagLucky LouieBringing in the Paper20Cookie303Bringing in the PaperLulu in the Mountains80schiaccianociLulu in the MountainsUnderwater Golden Retriever80Underwater Golden RetrieverSunrise View Lab300tamolaSunrise View LabUntitled image (2)28Untitled image (2)881978-R1-25-2535AuroraA881978-R1-25-25Just being pretty24KarindJust being prettyThe BEST b'day gift EVER!81Kat512The BEST b'day gift EVER!^ Golden Retriever20300zx^ Golden RetrieverNow?35TigerjagNow?Happy Retrievers Sitting on the Dock81GoldGalHappy Retrievers Sitting on the DockShastawatching80ShastawatchingBubble time Golden35Cherieann1955Bubble time GoldenDogs - and hot dogs63Magpie627Dogs - and hot dogsMolly35TigerjagMollyBrindle Lab198tamolaBrindle LabBirthday dog88harmonyshirkBirthday dogMy carrot300splitty00My carrot"Relaxing in the sunshine"16puzzlesr4fun"Relaxing in the sunshine"