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Disney Russian Dolls63Disney Russian DollsDisney Dollies70Disney DolliesDisney Barbies72Disney BarbiesPocahontas Concept Art78Pocahontas Concept ArtPocahontas Cliff50Pocahontas CliffSmith vs. Rolfe80Smith vs. RolfeEarth is a Dead Thing91Earth is a Dead ThingJohn Smith Climbing80John Smith ClimbingChief Powhatan60Chief PowhatanKocoum91KocoumNakoma40NakomaJohn Smith70John SmithMeeko70MeekoHer Mother's Necklace77Her Mother's NecklaceMeeko and John Smith72Meeko and John SmithPocahontas and Meeko77Pocahontas and MeekoPocahontas and Nakoma72Pocahontas and NakomaPocahontas Ending70Pocahontas EndingPocahontas Running Away77Pocahontas Running AwayPocahontas and Powhatan77Pocahontas and PowhatanColors of the Wind60Colors of the WindGrandmother Willow90Grandmother WillowPocahontas and John Smith70Pocahontas and John SmithPocahontas and John Smith50Pocahontas and John Smith