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Indigenous Brazilians98JigsUp17Indigenous BraziliansProud Grandpa100JigsUp17Proud GrandpaWhat the Ancients Knew99JigsUp17What the Ancients KnewProud Heritage96JigsUp17Proud HeritageMeribald and Followers200leonidas42Meribald and Followers#Floating Down the River of Happiness32Kaboomer#Floating Down the River of Happiness^ Winters Twilight ~ Dennis Lewan30300zx^ Winters Twilight ~ Dennis LewanBaelor Sept by Ertac Altinoz200leonidas42Baelor Sept by Ertac AltinozAutumn Stroll~ Vladimir Pervuninskiy88BronwynAutumn Stroll~ Vladimir PervuninskiyFlying Leap96JigsUp17Flying LeapHigh Sparrow1153leonidas42High Sparrow1^ Home For Christmas ~ Richard De Wolfe24300zx^ Home For Christmas ~ Richard De WolfeVarys and Tyrion198leonidas42Varys and TyrionJean Simmons - Angel Face396JigsUp17Jean Simmons - Angel Face3Jean Simmons - Angel Face (2)99JigsUp17Jean Simmons - Angel Face (2)The Lovers~ Émile Friant (French , 1863 - 1932)90BronwynThe Lovers~ Émile Friant (French , 1863 - 1932)In the Air99AnnelisIn the AirPainting15AbuelitoPaintingAdoration of the Magi (detail) ~ Andrea Mantegna70Kat512Adoration of the Magi (detail) ~ Andrea MantegnaAlways Together, Whatever The Weather20irpetAlways Together, Whatever The WeatherRomance108WiccaSmurfRomanceA Flirtatious Moment~ RobertoRaimondi.jpg88BronwynA Flirtatious Moment~ RobertoRaimondi.jpgTristan & Isolde~ Leighton99BronwynTristan & Isolde~ LeightonFlirtation~ Vittorio Reggianini90BronwynFlirtation~ Vittorio Reggianini