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In the Air99AnnelisIn the AirPainting15AbuelitoPaintingAdoration of the Magi (detail) ~ Andrea Mantegna70Kat512Adoration of the Magi (detail) ~ Andrea MantegnaAlways Together, Whatever The Weather20irpetAlways Together, Whatever The WeatherRomance108WiccaSmurfRomanceA Flirtatious Moment~ RobertoRaimondi.jpg88BronwynA Flirtatious Moment~ RobertoRaimondi.jpgTristan & Isolde~ Leighton99BronwynTristan & Isolde~ LeightonFlirtation~ Vittorio Reggianini90BronwynFlirtation~ Vittorio ReggianiniOlenna and Guards by Diego Gisbert Llorens198leonidas42Olenna and Guards by Diego Gisbert LlorensMargaery & Olenna & Loras204leonidas42Margaery & Olenna & LorasMargaery and Loras120leonidas42Margaery and LorasPhone Booth Romance~ ArthurSarnoff100BronwynPhone Booth Romance~ ArthurSarnoff^ Gouden ~ Yvonne Zomerdijk16300zx^ Gouden ~ Yvonne ZomerdijkLoras and Cersei200leonidas42Loras and CerseiFrans Masereel - Sur la Plage154ivdzFrans Masereel - Sur la PlageAnaheim,ca35LetiBravoAnaheim,caNest35LetiBravoNestLlamas-machu-picchu-peru.35LetiBravoLlamas-machu-picchu-peru.Crossing36LetiBravoCrossing#'American Gothic'48Kaboomer#'American Gothic'Cheval, Michael - Guardian Angel108docrabbitsCheval, Michael - Guardian AngelPool in Switzerland35LetiBravoPool in SwitzerlandAnya Waynwood and Yohn Royce200leonidas42Anya Waynwood and Yohn Royce^ Flower harvest8300zx^ Flower harvest