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Edward Molyneux Date 1933 French Medium silk, metallic thread50Vivien2012Edward Molyneux Date 1933 French Medium silk, metallic threadLife is Not a Song, Little Bird by Ertac Altinoz198leonidas42Life is Not a Song, Little Bird by Ertac AltinozCleganebowl by Ertac Altinoz198leonidas42Cleganebowl by Ertac AltinozJaime and Cersei198leonidas42Jaime and CerseiDaenerys by Alexander Borodin300leonidas42Daenerys by Alexander BorodinRhaegar and Lyanna196leonidas42Rhaegar and LyannaJon Snow by Gary Jamroz180leonidas42Jon Snow by Gary JamrozJon Snow and Ghost2196leonidas42Jon Snow and Ghost2Jon Snow and Ghost1198leonidas42Jon Snow and Ghost1Arya Stark by Nordheimer204leonidas42Arya Stark by NordheimerLady Stark by Stuartstudios196leonidas42Lady Stark by StuartstudiosThe Dead Dragon by Bruce Zhang204leonidas42The Dead Dragon by Bruce ZhangLand Behind the Wall by Karakter200leonidas42Land Behind the Wall by KarakterMeribald and Followers200leonidas42Meribald and FollowersEastwatch1200leonidas42Eastwatch1Jaqen H'ghar by Echosei198leonidas42Jaqen H'ghar by EchoseiThe Sept explodes by Karakter200leonidas42The Sept explodes by KarakterSepta Unella2192leonidas42Septa Unella2Lord Baelish and Sansa by Astartte195leonidas42Lord Baelish and Sansa by AstartteLittlefinger198leonidas42LittlefingerPetyr Baelish by Diana Galimova204leonidas42Petyr Baelish by Diana GalimovaBattle at the Wall198leonidas42Battle at the WallWildlings at the Wall289leonidas42Wildlings at the WallTormund and Eddison Tollett200leonidas42Tormund and Eddison Tollett