15 puzzles tagged measuring

Half a teaspoon and then some!35AlamageeHalf a teaspoon and then some!Octopus Measuring Spoons12AmyJoyOctopus Measuring Spoons#Healthy New Year's Resolution63Kaboomer#Healthy New Year's Resolution^ Measuring Set ~ Pioneer Woman16300zx^ Measuring Set ~ Pioneer Woman^ Sewing notions6300zx^ Sewing notions☺♥ Yellow and blue...24Celestialflyer☺♥ Yellow and blue...colorful spoons9ardenacolorful spoons^ Colored measuring tape15300zx^ Colored measuring tapeWilliam Powell Frith - Measuring Heights99BronwynWilliam Powell Frith - Measuring Heights^ Mason jar measuring tools40300zx^ Mason jar measuring tools#Colorful Mixing Bowls60Kaboomer#Colorful Mixing Bowls#Oh Nuts!8Kaboomer#Oh Nuts!Less than 2 feet130darylyhLess than 2 feetMeasuringTapes209CarmenDMeasuringTapesMeasuring Their Weight35Measuring Their Weight